Hitting the Road for IBM i Spring Conferences

There are two things we look forward to in Minnesota every spring:  Melting snow.  IBM i conference season! Spring brings our busiest travel schedule.  With it comes the opportunity to ...

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Front-end your Application Servers with Nginx

(Originally published by MC Press Online in December 2015). In the article “Drivers, Start Your Nginx!”, I discussed how to install the Nginx web server and walked through how to ...

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A (root) Change for the Better

(Originally published by IBM Systems Magazine in December 2015). This past week I was configuring a customer’s machine to be a Git server and ran into an interesting issue. Whenever ...

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driver 770_final_4

Drivers, Start Your Nginx!

(Originally published by MC Press Online in November 2015). “Put on your big boy pants!”, they told me.   “Dig deeper and figure stuff out for yourself!”, they said. Based ...

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Securing Your Node.js Application

(Originally published by IBM Systems Magazine in November 2015). In article Community-Developed Dashboard With Node and DB2 the IBM i Dash open source project was introduced.  Since then a handful ...

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IBM Watson, talk to me

(Originally published by MC Press Online in October 2015). What Is IBM Watson? You’ve most likely heard of Watson at this point.  It was the machine used to take on ...

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2015 IBM i Open Source Forum – Presented by Common

Have you explored all you can do with open source on IBM i? If not, now’s your chance! What:  2015 IBM i Open Source Forum – an educational event provided by ...

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Top 10 reasons to join us at RPG & DB2 Summit in Chicago

The next RPG & DB2 Summit conference will take place October 20-22 in Chicago, Illinois.  Here are ten reasons why you should join us there. 1.  Node.js has arrived on ...

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A Node.js Kind of Summer

If you haven’t noticed, Node.js has arrived on IBM i. Here’s a summary of what we’ve been talking about in trade publications this spring and summer: “Node.js is here.  What ...

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In the Press…Have you noticed?

Since March 1st, Litmis Team Lead Aaron Bartell has written eight open source articles which have been published through IBM Systems Magazine, IT Jungle, and MC Press Online.  Did you ...

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